Monday, August 31, 2009

Peanut's bath

Sorry I haven't been on for ages. But I'm going to make up for it with some funny Peanut's bath photos! Here they are of my cute papillon Peanut!:

This is Peanut being held out of the bath. He looks so skinny! All his fur makes him look fat but when it's wet he's a scrawny little thing! I think this was his first bath.

This is Peanut looking pretty crazed while he gets his blowdry. His fur is all frizzy!
Peanut going crazy after bath. He rubs himself all over the mat to get dry!
I hope you liked the Peanut's bath pictures!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Papillions Rock!

10 true facts about papillions.

1. The papillion is the best dog breed in the world!
2. Papillion means 'butterfly' in french.
3. The papillion is known as a toy spaniel.
4. The papillion is a toy dog.
5. The papillion weighs about 2-5kg.
6. The papillion is a cross of pomeranian and chihua.
7. The papillion is a cousin of the phalene.
8. Papillions have long hair.
9. Papillions are very popular.
10. Everyone should get a papillion because papillions rock!
Love papillions!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Easter Party

The day after we got Peanut was Easter, and we had the almost the whole family over. We made sure Peanut got no chocolate, cause it's very bad for dogs! He liked some people, and even jumped up onto the couch without us lifting him up to get to someone! Then he wanted to go home with them, which made me feel very rejected that she liked them better, but then Peanut didn't like them anymore and tried to bite them!

Adopting Peanut

We went to a few animal shelters but none of them had a suitible dog for us. So then we went to Keysborough Animal Shelter. We had rung about a papillion we had seen in the paper. We looked in all the cages but it wasn't there. So we asked the staff and she went to the back of the shelter and came out holding the cutest dog ever! And we all went "Awwww...". She said that it was on hold and we were all sad because we really liked it. But then she said there was a phonecall and the hold had been taken off!!! And, of course we adopted him. A four year old male papillion- that's a cross between pomeranian and chiwawa. It means butterfly! On the way home he was trying to eat flies so we called him fly. But then we changed it to Peanut, because it's cuter, and sounds better!